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What to do in the event of something going wrong

Everything we do is to ensure our guests' comfort and enjoyment.  We know time away matters and we want you to have an amazing stay at Mappleton Manor.

But sometimes things beyond our control go wrong.  We often have a very short turnaround between guests to get the house ready and that may mean we can't get everything fixed or absolutely perfect in time.  Sometimes things get broken and previous guests don't tell us or we haven't made up the correct number of beds.

Firstly....... stay calm :)  Please do remember that your enjoyment is of our utmost concern and these things, though trying, can be rectified.

On your arrival if the house is not perfect and there is something wrong - please do tell us immediately.  We often meet you on your arrival to check that all is well but if we don't come round then please do come round to us to tell us of your concerns.  There is always someone on site or five minutes away on the day of your arrival.  

Alternatively, ring the number left on your arrival welcome sheet.  This is usually the cleaner or agents and they will also be able to attend to your concerns as soon as it possible.  If you cannot get through to either number then please do email but please note that emails may involve a delay in responding to you.

If you are still not happy with the responses or the problem is such that it makes staying at Mappleton Manor impossible, then we will offer you alternative accommodation. Please note that it may not be feasible, despite best intentions, to find accommodation that is of a similar standard to the manor.

Alternatively, as a last resort, you do have the option of leaving on the day of your arrival. If this sadly happens we may be able to offer you a refund of your payment*, minus any admin or third party charges**.  

At the end of the day, things rarely do go wrong, thankfully.  And most issues can be sorted easily and quickly, to everyone's satisfaction.

Wishing you fantastic, memorable times at Mappleton Manor.

*Depending on the situation.

**For example Airbnb fees or charges that have already been made and are non-reimbursable.

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